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Returning to work                                                         6/21/2020 Five Element Qigong

As I return to work this week I wanted to take a moment to reflect on thriving through three months of being home during this difficult time. I became reacquainted with Five Element Qigong which my friend Tom Bisio taught me back in 1995. It really helped me settle in every day in a physical way. I already have a mental settling practice. But when you’re home and don’t have a schedule of things to do as you would in normal life, the body has it’s own unsettled quality. I’m glad to have this practice back in my life. If you’re interested in learning it as well, I’ve included a link below.

Daoist Yoga

I also started doing Daoist yoga. I never learned this practice so it is taking me a while to get familiar with it. There are three parts to it.  The Daoist Hermit Seated Yoga, True Fire Meditation and Awakened Immortal’s Daoist Yoga. I use the Hermit Seated Yoga part of the exercises to prepare myself for meditation. The True Fire Meditation is a good meditation, really simple in it’s instructions but very profound when you start to really settle in and take it internal. The Awakened Immortal part is more active and probably closer to what we are familiar with calling yoga.